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The 37th & Moss Guide to Selling a Small Business

Over half of small business owners do not engage in exit planning prior to a sale, the consequence of which is difficulty monetizing decades of work. We wrote this guide to be a resource to sellers.

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What You'll Learn

We share 30+ years of cumulative experience as operators, investment bankers, and lenders, with the goal of providing a perspective not often available to small businesses.


Optimizing For Valuation

How a seller accomplished a valuation at the high end of the range, and realized an 8-figure exit.


Sale Process Timing

When to sell and why economic cycle timing may be detrimental to a sale process.


Buyer and Seller Goal Alignment

Why a sale process failed due to seller expectations relative to buyer requests.


Importance of Deal Structure

Structure is an often overlooked reason that sellers struggle to complete a deal.

Guide to Selling a Small Business

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