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Free Ebook: Preparing For and Navigating a Lower Middle Market Business Sale

Our Goal is to be a Trusted Partner and Source of Information

If you're like many small business owners we talk to, you're regularly approached by parties positioning themselves as investors, acquirers or deal advisors. You may have a general idea of how to approach these conversations, but it's difficult to know who has your best interest at heart.

We want to help by providing a resource that business owners can use to research the sale process and to better understand how to prepare a business for this seminal moment in the entrepreneurial journey. For many entrepreneurs, a business sale represents a very important source of liquidity and is a significant milestone after years, or decades, of building a business. Yet, despite the significance, the sale process is a nebulous concept for many entrepreneurs. Often, small business owners struggle to monetize their life's work or fail to complete a transaction that meets their goals because they lack the resources, research, and teams of advisors that are available to larger companies.

We Have Been on Both Sides of The Table

The 37th & Moss team has a unique vantage point. We are operators and entrepreneurs, but in prior roles we served lower middle market businesses as bankers offering a variety of professional services. This combination of exposure provides a unique view from both sides of the table, and we want to share this view with entrepreneurs who we believe can benefit from this information.

Just like there is no magic formula for running a business, there is no silver bullet that guarantees success during a business sale process. Education and preparation are key for owners who desire to position a business for sale, and although a favorable outcome is not a guarantee, operators may find that efforts allocated to sale preparation yield benefits in the form of operating improvements.

Introducing the 37th & Moss Ebook

We're excited to share a resource that our team has diligently prepared with the goal of helping business owners who are contemplating a sale process. In this guide, we cover a variety of topics, including:

  • The importance of sale process education for sellers

  • Considerations for timing a business sale

  • Operational, financial and accounting concepts relevant to sellers

  • Three common valuation approaches

  • Buyer types, their preferences and goals

  • Deal structuring and financing

  • Steps in a typical deal process

  • And many other topics relevant for owners contemplating a sale

We hope this guide is a useful tool for businesses seeking information on the business sale process.

If you’re contemplating the sale of a lower middle market business and would like to connect with our team, we’d welcome the chance to be in touch.



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